USPS Refunds & Claims

Does USPS have a Money Back Guarantee?

USPS offers a money back guarantee only when packages shipped through Priority Mail Express are delayed. USPS Priority Mail Express is the fastest service offered on all 7 days of the week. Since USPS does not offer refunds for First Mail or Priority Mail services, businesses fail to file for USPS claims when it comes to delayed Priority Mail Express shipments.

However, they leave significant money on the table due to a premium charge associated with this express service type., in addition to tracking USPS shipments in real time, also ensures that it disputes USPS claims for delayed Priority Mail Express shipments. also audits your USPS shipments to detect over 50 carrier errors such as lost and delays.

Registering for results in ensuring that your business

  • Receives instant updates on USPS package deliveries.
  • Automated refunds added to your USPS account for delayed Priority Mail Express packages.
  • A thorough audit of USPS invoices for errors such as lost, duplicate billing and incorrect surcharge application.

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