File a Claim for DHL Lost & Damaged Packages

Claims for DHL lost packages & damaged parcels made effortless with

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What makes filing DHL lost & damaged claims a huge hassle?


Tedious Process

The process to file a claim with DHL is an exhaustive one, you will have to deal with multiple forms, proofs and document submissions

Time Consuming

After submitting a claim, you won’t get your refund immediately, it takes at least 5-7 days or forever to get a refund for one single package

Inefficient Use of Resources

This process doesn’t have a definitive output and require lots of back and forth communication along with document re-submissions

Not Cost-Effective

The amount of time and money you will spend to get a refund will be greater than the compensation you will probably receive

Here’s how can help your business!


We Dispute and Submit Claims

We will take care of everything from submitting claims on your behalf to constantly following up till issue resolution

Ensure Claims are Filed in Time

DHL has a claims submission period of 30 days for lost & damaged packages, we will make sure the claims are submitted with in that timeframe

Dedicated Team to Handle Claims

We will provide you with a dedicated team who are well versed with submitting claims not just for lost and damaged packages but also for 50+ service failures like late deliveries, misbilled packages, etc

It is Effortless & Cost Effective

You don’t have to pay anything out of your pockets. We charge 50% of what you have paid for shipping from your refunds, only when it’s successfully recovered

Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3


Create your account

Get started in less than 90 seconds with just your email ID and password. Risk-free. No credit card is required.


Add shipping carrier(s) details

Choose and connect one or more shipping carriers you use. We support 40+ carriers worldwide.


And you’re all set!

We will automatically detect lost or damaged parcels and file claims. Additionally, you can also report parcels as lost or damaged on our dashboard to start claim process.

Explore refund claims for more carriers.

What are the other benefits of using

Instantly save up to 20% of your shipping costs

… with intelligent, automated parcel audit and refund recovery. Works for every business with a shipping account.

  • Refund recovery for 50+ carrier service failures like Late Deliveries, Lost Shipments and Billing Errors
  • Human backed automation to catch every eligible claim
  • Delivery performance metrics
  • Cross-carrier shipping spend comparisons
  • All major global shipping carriers supported

Own your customer’s delivery experience

… with complete visibility into your shipments in transit and tools to engage, brand, intervene and fix bad delivery experiences to inspire fierce customer loyalty.

  • Intuitive real-time shipment tracking across multiple carriers
  • Actionable delivery error predictions
  • Custom branded tracking pages
  • Custom dashboard for Support teams
  • Customer notifications
  • Seamless integrations with customer engagement tools

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