Get money back from your carriers – without changing a thing.

Your shipping carriers owe you refunds for late deliveries, lost and damaged packages, billing overcharges, and more. But filing refund claims is tricky and time-consuming. With, all you need to do is connect your carrier account. We identify and recover every eligible refund for you.

It’s THAT easy.

“Basically free money”

“Totally automated”

“Wish I knew about this earlier”

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Thousands of businesses across the globe trust

About time you stopped overpaying your shipping carriers.

Think of us as your personal advocates making sure you get your money back – only our
process is quick and automated. And there are zero out-of-pocket costs.

Identify every carrier error, effortlessly
  • Lost and damaged claims management
  • Incorrect surcharges & billing errors
  • Delivery issues
Recover up to 20% of your shipping cost
  • Efficient claims submission processes
  • Expert claim redressal team
Make data-backed shipping choices
  • Granular multi-carrier performance metrics
  • Refund reports
  • Shipping spend and geographic reports

Make the most of those money-back
guarantees you’re entitled to

Short eligibility window, complex terms, and conditions – none of this
should stop you from claiming money that’s rightfully yours.


Foolproof screening to identify every carrier discrepancy – big or small

There are more than 50 service failures, overcharges, and discrepancies that are eligible for refunds. Some of these are so common they go unnoticed. Our rigorous audit systems, adapted over years of tracking 100+ million shipments globally, scan all your shipments and effortlessly pull up every service failure so you don’t lose valuable dollars month-on-month for your carriers’ failures.


Incorrect surcharges

Surcharges are additional expenses applied over existing shipping fees. Incorrect surcharges are tricky to spot. The way surcharges are applied also differs across carriers. Our audit systems accurately identify incorrect surcharges across multiple carriers.


Delivery issues

There are as many as 6 delivery failures that occur on a day-to-day basis. Have every instance of delivery failures like late deliveries, lost shipments, and damaged packages identified for you.


Billing errors

Discrepancies in your shipping invoice may be more common than you think. Our automated systems identify absolutely every billing error, like duplicate entries, unauthorized charges, and even complex DIM weight errors.


Nothing’s stopping us – not even long-winding lost & damaged claim processes

You may already be losing valuable customers to lost and damaged shipments. Don’t lose your money too. The process of claiming refunds can be time-consuming, boring, and complicated. We simplify things with a comprehensive lost and damaged claims management system that identifies and automatically submits relevant claims.


Auto lost/damaged claim submission

Our automated systems effortlessly identify lost/damaged shipments and submit refund claims. All you need to do is sit back and watch the refunds come in!


Report lost/ damaged

Even if you want to report a shipment as lost/damaged, we’ve made that easy for you. We have a simple two-step reporting form against long, exhausting forms of your shipping carriers.


Spot-on refund claims your carriers cannot turn down

Carriers seem to make the claim processes particularly difficult. Our automated systems can navigate these to still recover your money. We cross-reference every delivery issue or billing discrepancy with every minute detail of their terms and conditions to ensure an eligible refund claim is submitted for it. Thorough follow-up by an expert team ensures maximum refund recovery.


Efficient claims submission processes

Our claims submission processes have been built to ensure seamless claims submissions for every instance of delivery failure across all major shipping carriers.


Expert claim redressal team

We go the extra mile to recover refunds for you. Our systems have escalation processes built-in and an expert team to follow up and dispute denied claims.


Trust your shipping decisions with actionable data

Shipping takes a lot of effort, time, and most importantly money. It is only smart that you review and evaluate your choices and decisions with the help of good data. Not just that, keeping a close watch on delivery issues and carrier performances ensures better service quality by your shipping carriers.


Granular multi-carrier delivery performance metrics

Get a single consolidated view of delivery performance metrics across carriers, services, and geographies. Dig deeper to uncover gaps in carrier performance and know where you’re seeing profits and review areas where you’re not.


Carrier comparisons

Make informed decisions with detailed carrier comparison reports. Understand carrier performance to identify those that require reevaluation.


Refund reports

Access detailed reports of your savings from refunds split by carriers and service types.


Curate your most profitable shipping strategy

Gain critical insights into your last-mile logistics that enable you to identify opportunities to optimize your parcel spend and drive informed shipping choices.


Shipping spend insights

Gain access to in-depth shipping spends intelligence. Understand granular details of your shipping spend, observe trends and explore opportunities to make critical cost-saving decisions and informed shipping choices.


Geographic reports

Understand shipping volumes, their cumulative values, and carrier performance across geographies.

Why shipping refunds matter


You’re entitled to it

Each package shipped through carriers like FedEx, UPS or any other, comes with a service guarantee. It’s an assurance that the package will be delivered by a committed time, failing which they offer a complete refund of the shipping cost.

Ensures better service

Keeping a close watch on delivery issues and claiming refunds where due, ensures better service quality by your shipping carriers.

It’s only fair

About one-third of customers won’t repurchase from a merchant after a late delivery. Why bear the brunt of delivery issues? It’s only fair to hold your carriers accountable for their mistakes. integrations that
give you post-purchase superpowers


Monitor in-transit shipments in real-time and get predictive alerts for parcels facing delivery delays. Build brand-consistent order tracking experiences. Audit shipping invoices & recover refunds to save up to 20% on shipping costs.

Order Management

Get predictive alerts for parcels facing delivery issues and proactively fix them before customer impact. Send automated order status notifications. Build branded order tracking experiences for your customers.


Proactively resolve delivery issues with predictive alerts for parcel delays. Send automated order status notifications. Build branded tracking experiences. Increase sales with marketing campaigns on tracking pages.


Trigger automated tickets for delivery-related customer issues. Enable agents with order tracking information within your Helpdesk to help them proactively resolve customer issues with faster resolution times.


Proactively resolve delivery-related customer issues and send automated order status notifications. Enrich customer information with their overall delivery satisfaction ratings. Build brand-consistent order tracking experiences.

Email Marketing

Send brand-consistent shipping transactional emails to customers for multiple order delivery events. Increase sales with product recommendations and campaigns on shipping emails. Capture delivery experience feedback.

The ultimate post-purchase Suite

Do bigger things with your post-purchase

Don’t stop with a great delivery experience. Go all out with our post-purchase excellence cloud. It combines stellar delivery experiences with easy, seamless returns – all while significantly reducing your shipping spend by auditing your invoices and recovering eligible refunds from your carriers.

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