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Your refund will be credited to you by your shipping carrier.  How your billing is setup with your shipping carrier will determine how your refunds are sent to you. Normally, refunds for service failures will be credited to a future invoice or refunded to your credit card. has no control over how your shipping carrier provides your refund.

Carriers such as FedEx/UPS/DHL promise to deliver packages by a committed time, failing which they offer a complete refund of the shipping cost, in some cases even if your package is delivered late by 60 seconds. However, they do not make it easy for businesses to claim these refunds. Once you sign up with, our system continuously tracks, investigates and automatically files refund claims for eligible service failures on your behalf. Just sit back, relax, and watch your refunds grow.

This depends on how your account is set up with your shipping carrier. In most instances, it will take around 2 to 3 weeks to receive your refund. The reason refunds take 2 to 3 weeks is because must wait for an invoice to be posted to your account by the shipping carrier.

No. There are some reasons that a late package would not be eligible for a refund. These reasons vary from one shipping carrier to the next. The most common reason a late package would fail to receive a refund is weather related delays. We ensure you receive every eligible refund. All denied claims are manually reviewed, and if found eligible for a refund, are followed through with your carrier.  However, rest assured we operate well within the limits of your carrier’s refund claim policy.

Successful refunds are credited back to your shipping account by your carrier. Depending on the carrier you use, this will either be FedEx/UPS/DHL. Refunds for late deliveries will be credited to a future invoice. This depends on the payment mode you have agreed upon with your shipping carrier. will verify that the refunds have been credited back to your shipping account and will periodically update your dashboard with that information. is an automated shipment audit service that recovers refunds not just for late deliveries, but for up to 50 other carrier errors that are eligible for refund claims. You could read more about the 50 carrier errors eligible for refund claims here.

There are very few cases where might not work for you and most of those cases can be easily solved by our support team. The most common issue that might be preventing us from tracking your shipments is when your carrier account credentials are invalid, which means, the username or the password that you share with us is incorrect. Besides this, the online billing option needs to be activated on your shipping carrier account. This gives us the ability to track your shipments and file refund claims on your behalf. For further assistance, please send an email to

As long as your carrier invoices you directly, you are eligible for refunds. integrates with all major shipping carriers such as FedEx/UPS/DHL and more, thereby enabling us to track and recover refunds for service failures including ‘late deliveries’ and ‘misbilled packages’. If a third party shipper invoices you, then the refunds we fetch will be credited back to the third party account.

Yes, will work for you regardless of the eCommerce/order management platform your business uses. Our systems directly integrate with your shipping carrier account(s) without causing any interruption to your regular business operations. The setup process, irrespective of what platform you use, is simple and truly takes less than two minutes to complete.

Our real-time shipment monitoring system, LateShipment Pulse, integrates with 16+ global carriers. Please reach out to our support team at to know if integrates with your shipping carrier.


Our system uses your login information to “read” your shipments from your shipping carrier. We also use your login information to submit refunds on your behalf. protects your login information using the same type of online security that banks use. Visit our security page to learn more about how we ensure your data is safe. uses best practices when protecting your data. Part of these best practices includes following the same stringent safety standards that banks follow for their online security. Another way we make secure is by hosting our servers and databases on Amazon’s Web Services platform. To read more about how we keep your data safe please visit our security page.


In addition to the passive reports that help you monitor and compare delivery performances, we also offer a real-time tracking system with our Delivery Experience Management platform that is built into your account. This feature uses sophisticated data analysis tools to go beyond just auditing for carrier errors and allows your support team to proactively identify and address potential package delays/failures even before they happen, thereby enabling you to create better customer experiences. You can also keep your customers notified about delivery issues even before they occur. To learn more, click here.

In the event that you wish to close your account, please email our customer support at Once your account is closed, your data will be removed from our servers and you will stop receiving automatic refunds for late shipments.

Signing up with takes less than 2 minutes. The information required to sign up includes your name, contact email id and your shipping carrier credentials (for eg. FedEx Username and Password). There is no sign up fee or subscription cost.

From the time of signup, it takes 1 – 2 business days for our system to populate your dashboard with shipping data. You will receive an email from us as soon as your dashboard is up. charges 35% of what we recover for you, which will be billed monthly to your credit card. Although, we do not ask you for any credit card information until your first refund is credited. Here is a simple example of how we get paid, if we collect refunds that total $500 for the month, will charge you $175. This gives you a net gain of $325. We call it a win/win! Every other feature that we offer comes with no cost to you.

It is not mandatory to add your credit card details at the time of signing up. You may skip that step. We bill for the refunds only after verification and reconciliation with the credits that have been added to your account. You could map your credit card after the first invoice is generated for the refunds that we recover on your behalf.

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