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What Keeps Us Going

At LateShipment.com, we are driven by an overarching mission to bring more transparency to the world of shipping. We recognise that businesses, despite paying for shipping, have very little control over their shipping carriers and strive to fix that power imbalance.

Our groundbreaking delivery management solutions help retailers seamlessly create post-purchase experiences, while our automated parcel audit solutions help bring better performance accountability to the last mile and recover millions of dollars in shipping refunds for businesses around the world.

The Story of


The Spark

A random account review meeting with a FedEx representative takes place in a retail manufacturing company. The representative inadvertently blurts out that though refunds for service failures are possible, the process is deliberately designed to be complicated to dissuade claims from customers.

The Scale of the Problem

A manual claim submitted to FedEx by the retail manufacturing company and followed up from start to finish takes up to 21 days to process and costs almost as much as the claim value itself.

Practical Beginnings

LateShipment.com is unofficially born as a side project of the development team of the company. It attempts automating the claim process to make it cost effective for the business.

Rite of Passage

The first completely automated claim is submitted to FedEx by our algorithms and approved.

Scaling Up

LateShipment.com expands its offering to include automated claims for UPS, which has a similarly convoluted submission process.

Above & Beyond

Upon request, the project is passed on to around 40 different manufacturers, retailers, and distributors.

Making it Official

LateShipment.com is officially born as an independent company and is made commercially available as a SaaS product to any business that ships with UPS or FedEx.

Expanding Possibilities

LateShipment.com grows to accommodate USPS and DHL in the list of carriers we support.

Making a Dent in the Last Mile

Our fledgling team grows to 5 people and we finish the year tracking 5 Million+ shipments.

Up & Away

LateShipment.com grows to accommodate 15 different shipping carriers and customers from 21 different countries.

An Oversized Impact

LateShipment.com recovers the first Million Dollars in refunds on behalf of its customers.

On the Pulse of Every Shipment

LateShipment.com launches Pulse, a first of its kind predictive algorithm that transcends refund claims and helps businesses track and proactively control shipments in transit. Pulse collects 130+ data points for every shipment tracked and predicts delivery errors and informs support teams about them.

Media Blitz

LateShipment.com is featured in a wide variety of well-known publications that laud us for our real-time prediction tools and the unbiased data we publish about shipping carrier performance during the holiday season.

Yet Another Milestone

LateShipment.com exceeds $7 Million in successful refund claims recovered and returned to shippers

Local Team, Global Impact

LateShipment.com grows into a team of 40+ passionate people and tracks more than 100 Million shipments across the world.

Delivery Trailblazer

LateShipment.com launches Pulse 2.0, which extends beyond failure predictions, integrates with a wide variety of E-Commerce platforms and CRM systems, enables businesses to communicate seamlessly with customers in the last mile, and offers an exceptional delivery experience right up to their doorsteps.

Becoming a Global Phenomenon

LateShipment.com grows to accommodate the 50th shipping carrier and proudly serves customers from 70+ countries around the world.

Our People

A team with weird talent and crazy experience.

We love what we do and who we do it with.

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