Our Values

It’s not just what we do,
it’s the magic of making a difference.

Our Values

At LateShipment.com, these 9 core values inspire us; they help us build great things while holding ourselves
accountable to the highest standards in the work we do.

In God we trust. All others must bring data

We value experience and opinions but implicitly commit to be data driven; to relentlessly search for verifiable data when making decisions and trust what it says, above all else.

1.01^365 = 37.8

We understand improvement to be a steady and relentless but ultimately rewarding journey; one that is conquered inch by inch and delivers compounding rewards.

Challenge the status quo

Many things are the way they are simply because somebody decided that is the way they should be and no one bothered to ask questions. We promise to be brave enough to question things around you that do not make sense and bold enough to attempt changing them for the better.

Indecision is a decision. Often a poor one

We shun indecisiveness and consider the time taken to decide as important as the decision itself. We believe that the knowledge and experience gained from an incorrect decision under pressure is far more valuable than a bad outcome avoided by simply not making one.

Be the customer

We believe in treating customers the way we would treat ourselves. We listen, observe, understand, and respond with empathy. We treat every customer with respect and an unflinching commitment to help. We make firm promises and keep them. We surprise our customers by exceeding expectations rather than failing to meet them.

We hate user manuals

We believe in building products that are seamless to use. If it needs a user manual, its too complicated and needs to be made simpler


We argue fiercely before a decision is made but always put our complete belief in the decision and its expected outcome after a decision has been made.

Candor above all else

We call a spade a spade. We embrace constructive criticism and welcome feedback. We commit to put the right decisions above our personal emotions.

Be the coworker you admire

We believe work becomes engaging and fun not just through what we work on but also because of the people we work with. We commit to bringing honesty, empathy, commitment, responsibility, reliability and a healthy dose of fun to the workplace.

Like what we stand for? Make this your everyday.

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